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Friday, July 20th 2012

11:46 AM

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Related article: Date: Sat, 18 Jun 2011 19:47:32 -0500 (CDT) From: Stew Subject: Cross Country Adventures of Jon - Part 16Father Tom and I arrived in Sioux Falls around noon and pulled into a parking lot next to a large church. I followed Tom to a small house next to the church. We immediately went to the bedroom and stripped our clothes, and engaged in some orally satisfying behavior. Knowing that I was sucking the dick preteen erotic porn of a man preteen pantyhose gallery of the cloth heightened my libido, causing me to feed on Tom's meat like a horny gay sailor on leave. Tom shot his load in record time and I expired into the preacher's mouth even faster.Tom explained that later that day there was a pancake social and that evening preteen art modeld was a mens bible study group. The young man Tom spoke of earlier, would be in attendance. Afterwards, Tom will escort the young man to his residence for some private "counseling". Tom suggested that I pick out some of his clothes and a collar. I would play the part of a visiting priest to help Father Tom teach this young man about the principles of religious obedience.While Tom attended the pancake social, I slept in anticipation of the upcoming scenario. Before the appointed time, I dressed in black pants, black shirt and shined black shoes, finishing off with a white collar. As I looked in the mirror, I heard the front door open, followed by voices. It was time for some papal masquerade, and I was already getting hard.I walked into the living room and instantly Tom introduced me to his patron."Ah, Father Jon, I want you to meet a special member of my church. This is Mike Donovan" Tom announced.The virtual preteen girls young man was about 28 years old and was innocently attractive. He had golden blonde hair and brown eyes. Mike had a tall swimmer build and I of course noticed a massive bulge in his jeans.Mike knelt before me and kissed my hand. preteen nymphet com " It is an honor to make your aquaintance, Father Jon" he replied."Mike here, wishes to offer his services porno de preteens to the supreme being in whatever manner is required," Tom explained.Tom turned towards Mike and spoke to him directly."As you know Mike, a priest is in direct contact with your savior. Everything I see, the savior sees. Everything I taste, the savior tastes. Everything I hear, the savior hears and everything I feel, the savior feels.""I understand completely, Father Tom." Mike whispered."Are you ready to totally give yourself to the power of the almighty" Father Tom asked."I will do whatever is required of me, your holy one" Mike responded."Your faith is being tested Mike, I feel you are not being honest with me, I do not believe you are worthy of the all powerful's grace" Tom questioned."Truly I am Father, honest. Let me show you that I am worthy in your eyes." Mike pleaded.Tom walked over to me and whispered, "In all seriousness, Mr. Donavan has a thing for priests and I like to endulge his fetish with a little role play.""Father Jon and I have agreed that the Prince of Peace is wonderous and that your service to him is greatly appreciated and unwavering. Now he requests a special favor for which only you can provide" Tom propositioned Mike."What is this special favor Father Tom, that is requested of me" Mike asked.Tom pulls down the zipper of his black trousers and pulls out his pale semi erect cock, placing his phallus right in front of the face of a kneeled Mike."We are about to create a trinity, Mike. The three of us shall only preteen sites become ilegal preteen tgp one" Father Tom enlightens the young sheep.Mike looks up at the priest and a "thought you'd never ask" smile changes his expression from confusion to delight.Tom stepped closer to Mike, who obediently opened his mouth and accepted the priest's anxious member. Mike expertly began to suck the preacher's meat with zeal, and then Tom placed his hands on Mike's head, directing his movements. Mike was passionately devouring the priest's cock, like a kid with a lollipop. I watched the church member go to town on Tom's hot dick, causing my own piece to swell."Father Jon. Please join us, as we honor the holy one with our carnal expressions of love" Tom suggested.I stepped forward and Mike immediately began to undo my pants. Soon both Tom and I had hard cocks jutting from our trousers and Mike was alternating between both of our boners. Mike would constantly look upwards in our eyes as he pumped on our poles as if he was looking into the eyes of his preteen bikini gallery savior."Are you ready Mike, to discard your possession and give yourself totally to me" Father Tom asked."All I have are the clothes on my back, Father" Mike said."The spirit will taketh only what is not needed, Mike." Tom said as he began to slowly remove the garments that Mike wore. In no time, Mike was naked and sporting a hardon the likes of which I have never seen. Golden blonde pubic hair nestled above a dripping 11 inch long porno de preteens pink penis, connected at the base were two round balls covered by the same blonde hair."Jesus" I whispered as I oggled the church member's angelic piece of heaven. As much as I wanted to fill my mouth with Mike's biblicaly epic monster meat, I held back, waiting for Tom to direct russian preteen ics the action."Your body is a temple to our sacred King, Mike. His to adorn and command." Tom advised his loyal member."Command me Father, so that I may service he who free preteen cp gave us life" Mike replied.Tom guided Mike to the couch and laid him on his back. Tom spread the young church boy's legs far apart and rammed his ginger cock into the holy hole of innocence. As Father Tom fucked Mike's ass, I took the opportunity to bend down and fill my mouth with Mike's massive staff. Simultaneously, I forced my free preteen cp own hard prick deep into Mike's hungry throat. I relished the taste of Mike's hot juicy member, while at the same time, moaning with pleasure from the feeling preteen females models of Mike's lips pumping up and down on my throbbing knob.Father Tom slowly pounded Mike's crack as he watched me eagerly try to siphon the man juice from his church members boner like a straw. Mike reached up and began to massage my ass while he continued to feast on my piece. When Mike started to insert his finger into my pooper, my libido sky rocketed and I started to buck wildly. I then looked up at Father Tom and signaled to him that it was time to change positions. I wanted Mike's cock in my ass right now."Father Jon, as a teacher of the divine mind, you must also endeavor to be a student and allow yourself to know what it is to be ordinary" Father Tom suggested. I bent over the couch, using my hands I spread my cheeks and offered Mike an invitation, Mike did not hesitate to plunge his dripping mega pole into my channel. Father Tom stood on the couch and awarded me the gift of his hard enticing unit, which I eagerly excepted.Mike's massive dick penetrated the inside of my cavity and kept going, I thought it would never stop. The young buck was violating areas in my butt that were previously untouched. This concept caused me to covet Father Tom's cock with zeal and soon he was whimpering in exctasy. Every thrust of Mike's organ seemed to continue further into my bung hole, sending a new sensation throughout my entire body.The whole idea of being fucked by an avidly religious church member and sucking the cock of a priest was powerfully intoxicating. Father Tom grabbed my head and forced his shaft deeper into my throat, while Mike grabbed my hips and pounded his monster manhood into my backside. Eventually I felt the hot jism flow down my throat as Father Tom emptied the contents of his balls into my mouth. The second I finished swallowing the essence of the preacher, Mike screamed out and purged his milky hot cum into my furrow."Mike, Father Jon is filled with the seed of the redeemer and the lamb, and now awaits release with help from your lips" Tom said.Obediently Mike kneels down and inhals my swollen dick, sucking hard and fast like a man on a mission. With help from Tom, who started licking my perky nipples, Mike was soon supplied with a large amount of my creamy heated sperm.The long drive from Minneapolis, the pancake social, the mens bible study and a sweaty fuck session sent Tom to bed early, which left Mike and I alone in the living room. The nap I had taken earlier left me preteen storeis motivated and eager for another round with this handsome young blonde buck. Mike was also willing to continue the party, in fact, he took it to a higher level. The horny church member told me to get dressed, because he wanted to show me something. I barely finished putting my shirt back on when Mike grabbed my hand and led me outside and then into the church. trailer preteen lesbian We slowly walked down the long aisle and stopped in front of the altar. I stood facing the pulpit as Mike, who was in front of me, turned around and spoke to me like a little boy with a preteen french girls secret."Father Tom would never allow us to manifest our biological urges in the church, especially in front of the altar, even though it has been a fantasy of mine."Mike took my hand and placed it on the swelling mound between his legs."Please, Father Jon" Mike begged me.The moon shined through the stained glassed windows, giving the young blonde an almost glowing aura, and he looked at me with big brown wanting eyes. I did not want to anger Father Tom, yet I knew that our little escapade would probably remain discreet.I was paralyzed by uncertainty and as I looked up at the cross on the back wall for guidence, Mike had already decided for me.Mike Donovan, kneeled before me and began to stimulate my bulging slacks with his adolescent mouth. His preteen pic board hands reached around and caressed my firm buttocks. Forgive the pun, but I was in heaven and without even realizing it, I unknowingly unbuckled my belt and allowed Mike to slowly lower my pants to the floor. My cock jutted outward and was quickly inhaled by Mike's seductive mouth, who expertly began the process of trying to exhume the manjuice from my testicles. I placed my hands on Mike's head and ran my fingers through his silky blonde hair. Mike's hands massaged my backdoor while he methodically feasted on my delicious meat. A combination of the location and Mike's specialized oral skills soon made me supply the handsome church goer with an unending amount of creamy spunk, that was entirely guzzled down by this young horny parishioner."We must shed our possessions and manifest our love for mankind" Mike announced.Mike and I removed what attire remained on our bodies."Now we shall kneel and pay homage to our creator" Mike continued.I knelt down on my knees. Mike got behind me and pushed my torso forward, keeping his hands on my shoulders. I breathlessly inhaled as Mike introduced me again to his prominent organ, which stretched my rectum to the limit. Mike's juicy meat slid into my ass like a hot knife through butter. Smoothly and endlessly my backdoor was impaled by hard naked flesh. I felt tremendous cravings for Mike to fuck preteen pubic photos me harder and deeper."Oh, Wow. Yeah." I cried while Mike pounded me to the ground. Then Mike rolled me onto my back, spread my legs and continued his urge to make me walk funny days after this encounter. The feelings I experienced every time Mike thrust his privates into me was sheer joy and pleasure. This young man truly did have a celestial gift and I thanked god I was on the receiving end.The stamina of Mike was incredibly infinite as he laid out preteen nymphet com a banquet for my sexual appetite. Mike gave me no indictation, suddenly I felt a small explosion, then my love canal was flooded with hot sticky liquid. Mike continued to fuck me even after his monumental orgasm had ended. Then the angelic blonde man collapsed on top of me and we kissed vigorously as if we were the only two people on earth.We made our way back to Father Tom's house. Mike thanked me for helping him fulfill his most secret desire and then he exited. I made my way to the bedroom and crawled under the blankets, nestling my body next to Tom. Sleep soon overtook me.For a week, Father Tom introduced me to many other church members, who willingly participated in our sexual preteen erotic porn exploitations, but none of them even came close to the action I experienced with blonde Michael. Much as I wanted another session with Mike, I knew our encounter could never be rivaled.When I realized that Father Tom was using me to heighten the sexual energy of his pre arranged social calls with the men of his congregation, I decided it was time to move on.Father Tom did not want to see me go, but agreed it was for the best. I found myself hitchhiking on Interstate 90, headed west, hoping my next ride will be another story worth telling as I continue my adventures cross country.
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Friday, July 20th 2012

12:00 AM

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